Emacs and the masters of the universe

After trying to work with Emacs, sublime, atom, pycharm, visual studio code , here I’m back again with Emacs. Maybe it’s not so hip like all new editors  but it knows how to get things done , maybe I’m too addicted to the  keybindings  which makes me too frustrating to work with other editors(yeah most of them got Emacs mode and all , but it’s still not Emacs).



asynchronous programming in python

So last week i decided to work on various async libraries (both inbuilt and external) implemented to work with python. Here are some of the things i learned.

gevent is a nice library to work with. It provides neat little features which almost resembles python in-built threading library and is indeed easy to use. The tutorial maintained by the developers is by far the best place to learn about it and  i guess in some sense is better than directly going for the docs. I tried most examples in the tutorials and can be checked out on my git account. I’ll be adding more example samples in the repository as i proceed with my learning.